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Best Water Softener Reviews UK

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Do you have iTCHY skin or a white build up in your kettle or shower?

Hard water is an issue that most UK households have to deal with at some point. It causes a white substance to form on the bathtubs, showers and sinks that can also cause harm to your appliances that constantly use water like your washing machine. Hard water(1) isn’t good for the health of your family too. Water Softeners are an ideal solution for this problem. They can soften the hard water and ensure that you don’t have to scrub the bathtubs every few weeks. However, it can be hard to determine which one is most suited for your needs. This article can help with that.  

Best for Family

Great if looking to soften all water from the mains.

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Best for Reverse Osmosis

Good for purifying water and can even add Alkaline Remineralisation

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Best for Under Sink

Easy and compact solution for a family of four.

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Best Water Softener System Reviews

1. Best For Family: Water2Buy W2B800 Domestic Water Softener

Water2Buy is one of the market leaders when it comes to water softeners and the W2B800 is one of their best models to date. It can pump out more than 3500 litres of soft water per day and is ideal for a family of up to 10 people. This model comes with a digital meter that measures the amount of soft water produced and regenerates only when necessary. It is capable of self-cleaning and can initiate the regeneration cycle automatically when the water is not in use (ie. 2 am). You can install it in your basement or garage and connect it with your main water supply to get soft water throughout your home.

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The Water2Buy W2B800 comes with both UK and EU power supplies. However, it doesn’t consume too much electricity. You can expect an annual expense of less than £20. This model of Water2Buy is also very quiet. You won’t even notice it working since it doesn’t produce much sound. Even when performing the regeneration cycle, this water softener maintains pin drop silence. You can easily install it using the installation guide that comes with it. All the items necessary for installation such as pipes and fittings are included in the package. You won’t have any issues installing it in your home.

Due to its larger size, the Water2Buy W2B800 requires a rather large space for installation. This is why it can’t be installed under a sink. You will have to clear some space for it in your basement or garage. The resin inside this model doesn’t need to be changed. However, the salt tablets would have to be replaced when they are consumed. Since the salt consumption is governed by the digital meter, the tablets won’t be consumed quickly.


  • Cleans hard water efficiently
  • Operates without making noise
  • Doesn’t consume much electricity
  • Self-cleaning features won’t be consumed quickly.


  • Confusing installation guide
  • Can’t fit in small spaces
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2. Best For Reverse Osmosis: ISpring Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis – RCC7P-AK

iSpring Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis – RCC7P-AK is a water softener and water filtration system built into one. It can not only soften the water but also remove impurities from it. This product is capable of removing 99% of more than 1,000 contaminants found in water. You can install it under the sink and get clean and soft water for years to come. This RO system is very durable and efficient. It comes with a powerful electric booster pump which keeps the water pressure high enough to force out the impurities from the water.

The RCC7P-AK is different from standard RO systems since it offers 6 stages instead of 5. This additional stage comprises of an Alkaline Remineralisation filter that adds important minerals to the water. These minerals are usually found in water but get removed with other impurities during osmosis. This removal of minerals makes the water from traditional RO systems slightly acidic. The purpose of the 6th stage in the iSpring Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis – RCC7P-AK is to adjust the pH scale of the water and make it suitable for drinking. Also, it gives the water a more natural taste. This RO system from iSpring is made to last and doesn’t require much maintenance. You will only have to change the 1st stage filter from time to time when it gets dirty. The housing of this filter is kept see-through so that you can easily inspect the filter and see if it needs replacement. The RCCP-AK comes with WQA Gold seal certification. It ensures that the components of this RO system are reliable and can be trusted to work as per specification.


  • Alkaline Remineralisation filter
  • Softens water and removes impurities
  • WQA gold seal certificate


  • Installation requires some technical knowledge
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3. Best For Under Sink: Water2Buy Water Softener – W2B200

The W2B200 is one of the smaller variants of W2B series by Water2Buy. It has the capacity of generating close to 1250 litres of water each day and is thus, suitable for a family of up to 4 people. Just like the other models of the W2B series, this one too has a higher build quality and can last many years without developing any faults. It is compatible with both well water and city water and can easily be installed under your kitchen sink. The W2B200 comes with a digital meter that keeps track of the amount of soft water produced and automatically initiates the regeneration cycle when needed.

The Water2Buy W2B200 is an extremely efficient water softener. It doesn’t consume too much electricity or water and only uses the salt tablet to clean itself when absolutely necessary. To take full advantage of this amazing product, you need to connect it to your main water supply. It will soften the water for your entire home and save your appliances from limescale. The W2B200 works in complete silence. It won’t disturb your day-to-day activities one bit. The regeneration cycle of this water softener is scheduled at 3am in the morning when the water is usually not in use.

This product by Water2Buy comes with an instruction manual that describes in detail the installation process. You can always call the excellent support staff if you are having difficulty installing this water softener on your own.


  • Easily fits under the sink
  • Digital meter ensures efficiency
  • Noiseless operation


  • Difficult to install
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4. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is an alternative water softener to salt-fed water softeners. Instead of using salts to soften the water, it uses electromagnetic waves to alter the adhesive properties of limescale. It doesn’t change the chemical properties of the hard water but stops the limescale from forming inside your pipes and on your sinks and bathtubs. Since it doesn’t consume salts for softening the water, the Eddy is very economical and does not need any maintenance whatsoever. You just have to install it and then let it work its magic. Although it operates on electricity, it doesn’t consume too much power.

Aside from stopping the formation of limescale, this product also protects your health. Since it doesn’t involve the use of salts, it doesn’t raise the Sodium levels in the water. Moreover, it also conserves the calcium in the hard water which is considered helpful for decreasing cardiac issues. The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler does not require any changes to your home’s plumbing. Thus, installing it is very easy. You can set it up in your home without requiring any professional help. This unit comes with cables for pipes of up to 28mm diameter.  

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee. Also, it offers a lifetime repair and replacement warranty as well. So, if your unit breaks down, you can get it replaced without having to pay a penny.


  • Preserves the Calcium in the water
  • Economical and low maintenance
  • Easy to install


  • Can’t remove limescale completely
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5. HiKiNS Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 5-Stage – RO-125Gr

HiKiNS Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 5-Stage – RO-125G is an excellent product for home use. It can purify the water of harmful impurities and deliver safe and healthy water for you to drink. It is very easy to assemble and install. You won’t have to call a professional to fit it in your kitchen. The size of this filtration system is ideal too. It doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit under the sink. Once in operation, this unit can provide up to 125 gallons of water each day which is enough for a small family.

This HiKiNS RO filtration system has a high-quality design and is certified by both the CE and the FDA. It utilizes food-grade components and pipes that ensure effective filtration of water for years and years. The RO technology used by this filtration system is quite advanced and is capable of removing up to 99% of impurities. These impurities include fluorine, chlorine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, and germs. This is why the water provided by the HiKiNs RO Water Filtration System is clear and has a natural taste. It has been designed to work with both tap water and well water.

The HiKiNS Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 5-Stage – RO-125G comes with a two-year service guarantee. Aside from the filtration system, the unit also includes a storage tank and a 100% lead-free faucet.


  • Easy to install
  • Large storage tank
  • CE & FDA certified


  • Slow water flow
  • Can’t remove limescale efficiently
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6. BWT Hi Flow Water Softener 10 Litre – WS455

BWT Hi Flow Water Softener 10 Litre – WS455 is a nice product that can soften water efficiently. Designed for UK households, this water softener can easily fit inside a kitchen cupboard and can be installed without needing professional help. It comes with an installation kit that contains all the fittings necessary to get this unit set up. You just have to follow the instructions on the manual that is included in the package. After installation, this unit can provide soft water to you at all times for drinking and washing purposes. It will also eliminate the limescale forming on your sinks and showers.

The BWT Hi Flow Water Softener can provide up to 10 litres of soft water to you. It is capable of regenerating the resin that is used for trapping the hardness-causing metals in the water. This unit comes with a digital meter that monitors the water and automatically starts the regeneration cycle when it is needed. Due to this digital meter, this water softener makes efficient use of the salt needed for regenerating its resin. It doesn’t waste water too and adapts to your lifestyle. You can save a lot of money in the long run thanks to the adaptability of this unit.

You can use either blocks or tablets of salt in the BWT Hi Flow Water Softener. This feature is added to make it more convenient for you to use this product.


  • Efficiently softens water
  • Automatically initiates regeneration cycle
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for large families
  • Low output of water
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7. Water Filter Man EcoPlus Whole House Water Softener – WFMHHWFSFAM

Water Filter Man EcoPlus Whole House Water Softener – WFMHHWFSFAM is an excellent device that can filter the compounds that cause hardness in water. It provides you clean and soft water that you can use for both drinking and washing. This water softener makes use of the Template Assisted Crystallisation process to convert the Calcium and Magnesium into inactive crystals. These crystals are microscopic in size and don’t cause hardness. The benefit of using this process is that no salt is added to the water. Also, none of the natural chemicals in water are removed from it. You get clean, odourless water that is good for your health.

The Water Filter Man EcoPlus Whole House Water Softener is 99.6% effective at removing impurities from the water. By converting Calcium and Magnesium into microscopic crystals, this water softener stops the formation of limescale. With time, the scales forming within your pipes, appliances, and sinks will go away as well. You won’t have to spend hours in the bathroom trying to remove the tough limescale from the bathtub and shower. This device is also environment-friendly too since it doesn’t create any waste. It is ideal for a small family and can provide a flow rate of up to 20 litres per minute.

The Water Filter Man EcoPlus Whole House Water Softener is slightly large in size. It might not fit in your kitchen cupboard and would need extra space to be properly installed.


  • Effective limescale prevention
  • No salt needed


  • Large size
  • Can’t fit in small spaces
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8. Harveys Crown Water Softener

Harvey’s Crown Water Softener is a budget-friendly device that is capable of softening the water. It utilizes block salt for softening the water but doesn’t need electricity. This water softener relies on water pressure to power up. So, you won’t have to connect it to a power source. You just have to hook it up to your main water supply. It will provide soft water for your home and put an end to your limescale problem. Since it doesn’t run on electricity, it can provide unlimited soft water to you throughout the day without stopping. It is slightly big and might not fit under your kitchen sink.

The Harvey’s Crown Water Softener is very easy to install. It comes with an installation kit that has all the necessary fittings needed to set it up. You would just have to follow the instructions given in the installation kit to get it up and running. However, do keep in mind that you need to have some plumbing experience to install this device. Also, you need to have ample space available to fit this water softener. If you are having difficulty installing it in your home, you can ask a plumber to do it for you.

After installation, the Harvey’s Crown Water Softener won’t need much maintenance. You would only have to change the filter when it becomes dirty.


  • Doesn’t consume electricity
  • Removes limescale from pipes


  • Can’t fit in small spaces
  • Replacement filters are costly
  • Difficult to install
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9. AquaHouse NSWS Water Softener

AquaHouse NSWS Water Softener is an effective machine that is capable of removing limescale from pipes and appliances. It can also prevent the formation of limescale by removing the hardness from the water. This water softener makes use of the Template Assisted Crystallisation process. It converts the Calcium and Magnesium into microscopic crystals. These crystals are inactive and don’t cause hardness in water. Thus, limescale doesn’t form inside your pipes or on your sinks. This device doesn’t need salt for regeneration as well. As a result, it doesn’t cause the addition of Sodium in the water.

The AquaHouse NSWS Water Softener has been rigorously tested and has a 99.6% efficacy rating. It can easily provide soft water for a small to an average family. The size of the filter unit is a bit large. It might not fit inside the cupboard of your kitchen. You might have to clear some space elsewhere to install it. Installation of this water softener isn’t that difficult. However, it is recommended that you hire a plumber to have it installed in your home. You will have to connect the filter unit to your home’s main water supply. The water will be filtered and then supplied to the rest of your home.

The AquaHouse NSWS Water Softener comes with a three-year guarantee for parts. This guarantee also applies to the fittings that are included in the unit’s installation kit.


  • Prevents the formation of limescale
  • Doesn’t need salt


  • Installation requires professional help
  • Can’t fit in small spaces
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10. Tapworks Water Softener – NSC11PRO

Tapworks Water Softener – NSC11PRO is an excellent machine that can efficiently soften water for a family of up to 7 people. It comes with an electronic meter that keeps your costs low. The meter keeps track of the water and performs the cleaning cycle only when the resin is completely saturated. It ensures that the salt usage is kept to a minimum. You will only have to refill the salt cabinet when all the salt has been consumed. Moreover, the electronic meter also maintains the water flow and makes sure that you always get soft water for both drinking and washing purposes.

The Tapworks Water Softener – NSC11PRO comes with an installation kit. The fittings and hoses needed for assembling and installing this machine are provided within the package. Also, the compact design of this device allows you to install it even tighter spaces. Thus, you won’t have any issues installing it under the sink of your kitchen. This water softener has an LCD display that is backlit. You can read it even if you have installed the device in the basement that doesn’t have enough light.

The NSC11PRO doesn’t come cheap. However, its operating cost is not that high. Once you have installed the device, you can use it without encountering any issues for many years. It can save you a lot of money and effort by removing limescale from your pipes and appliance.


  • Electronic meter for efficient performance
  • Compact design


  • Not ideal for large familiess
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How Do Water Softeners Work?

The minerals that cause hardness are suspended at the molecular level in your water supply. Even after passing through numerous filtration plants in the local water supply system, these minerals remain in the water. Thus, eliminating them from the water is not that easy. You can’t expect a simple screen to catch these minerals. This is why water softeners rely on a method known as ionization to trap the minerals suspended in the water. It is a chemical process that is usually performed using salts. The salts used by most water softeners for ionization are either in block or tablet form.     

Water softeners are made up of several components. The most important among them is the tank which contains thousands of very smalls resin beads. These beads are larger than the mineral particles suspended in the water but you can easily catch them in a standard water filter. For the ionization process to work, the resin beads need to have a negative charge. This task is accomplished by adding the salt to the tank. The salt particles react with the resin beads and give them the negative electrical charge that is required.

As hard water enters the tank, the mineral particles suspended in it get attracted to the negatively charged resin beads. The mineral particles bond with the salt particles already attached to the resin beads and stick to them. This way the fine particles of the mineral get trapped and are extracted from the water. The water that comes out of the tank is devoid of any mineral particles and is no longer hard. Some water softeners come with electronic controls and have a timer and valve located just above the tank. These controls monitor the flow of water and the consumption of salt by the water softener. 

image of how does a water softener work

To find out in more detail exactly how a water softener works you can read our full article.

What Types of Water Softener Systems Are There?

  • Salt-based Ion-Exchange systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners
  • Electromagnet Water Softeners
  • Salt-free water softener systems
  • Portable Water Softeners

How to Select the Best Water Softener for Your Home?

Type of Salt

Most water softeners need special salts to function. However, there is no single type of salt that you can purchase that works with each water softener. Some water softeners work with blocks of salts while others need the salts to be added in crystalline form. Either way, the type of salt you need depends on the mineral content that is causing your area’s water to become hard. This information is usually available if the water hardness issue has been known for a while. However, if this information isn’t known, you can find it by having the water tested in a laboratory.

Once you have identified the minerals responsible for causing hardness, you can look for salts that are specially formatted for extracting them. Do make sure that the type of salt you need for softening the hard water in your area is compatible with the water softener you are buying.  


The capacity of the water softener is dependent on the number of people in the home. If you have a large family then you need a water softener that has a higher capacity. However, for smaller families, water softeners with limited capacities might be enough. Water softeners with higher capacities are more expensive. Also, the replacement filters for these larger water softeners have a higher price tag. But, the benefits it offers are worth the cost. 


The efficiency of the water softener is an important factor. Most cheap water softeners aren’t efficient and consume more salt to soften the water. Also, their filters need to be replaced relatively quickly as well. Thus, their efficiency is not that high. In contrast, water softeners that are expensive come with a digital meter. This meter ensures that salt is only consumed when necessary. Also, their filters last longer and you don’t need to replace them often. The efficiency of these expensive water softeners is, therefore, higher. You can get more value for money when purchasing them and might even save money in the long run.


Each of the top 10 water softeners we have reviewed in this article shows a lot of promise. However, the one that we like the most is the Water2Buy W2B800. The reason for this is the efficiency with which it works. Its electronic control allows for the efficient use of both salt and water. Moreover, it can provide more than 3500 liters of soft water a day which is more than enough for a family of up to 10 people. We like the fact that it can work with both tap and well water. So, if you are planning on buying a water softener then the W2B800 is the best one you can buy.

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