What are Squishmallows

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What is a Squishmallow?

Do you know what’s round, colorful, cute, soft, and full of character? Squishmallows! Moreover, each Squishmallow has a different name and backstory. But what exactly are Squishmallows?

Our team conducted extensive research to provide you with comprehensive information about Squishmallows and why this soft and cuddly collection is a big hit among people of all ages.


Squishmallows are plush toys that are adored by both kids and adults globally. They are known for their softness, cuteness, and adorable appearance. Squishmallows can be in the form of fruit or a stuffed animal and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, often featuring popular characters.

Despite their widespread popularity, some collectors do not view Squishmallows as financial investments and consider them sources of comfort and pride. This makes it challenging to find the most popular Squishmallows. But what was the inaugural Squishmallow?

The History of Squishmallows

Squishmallow’s popularity can be traced back to its launch in 2017 at Walgreens, according to Jonathan Kelly, co-president of Kellytoy Company. Since then, it has gained a massive following among people of all ages.

Each Squishmallow toy, fruit, or character has its own name and distinct personality. The love for these toys, particularly among Gen Z, has been driven by their comfort, especially during the pandemic.

Numerous videos are available online, showcasing Squishmallow enthusiasts and collectors flaunting their plush toys on their Instagram accounts. One such enthusiast is Terrie Peters, a mother of two who resides on the Atlantic Coast and loves exploring Florida’s theme parks or a quaint beach town with her Squishmallows.

Popular Squishmallow “Squads” 

Frog Squad

Fans have been sharing videos featuring their frog plushies on social media, and for good reason. The Frog Squad offers yet another squishy plush toy option for your collection. With a variety of characters to choose from, including Baratelli, Alandy, Fanina, Ludwig, Philippine, Robert, and Wendy, each one boasts unique colors, names, appearances, and engaging storylines that the entire Squishmallows community will enjoy. If your frog is dirty and you’re wondering how to wash a squishmallow, you can find the best way to wash them.

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Cow Squad

The Kellytoy Company offers the Cow Squishmallows Squads. This squishy stuffed animal comes in three matching colors and can be bought online. With a fluffy texture, these 12-inch plush toys make excellent comfort items and pillow pals. They can be collected or given as gifts to friends, kids, or anyone who loves plush toys.

Bird Squad

The Bird Squad is a collection of five charming Squishmallows, each with their own size, color, and shape. One of them is Priscilla, a blue peacock who is also part of the Zoo Squad. She is known for her love of assisting others and enjoying new experiences with her friends.

Leopard Squad

The Leopard Squishmallows Squad is a fan favorite and has received the most social media posts among all the Squishmallows. These plush toys are a hit with green, blue, or gray outline spots and sparkling inner ears. Each member of the squad boasts a unique set of stories that both kids and adults will love, such as Liv who dreams of building rockets when she grows up.

Fruit Squad

Squishmallow has a well-known Fruit Squad, comprising Phyllis the Peach, Maui the Pineapple, and Wanda the Watermelon. These fruits make perfect gifts for friends, companions, or to add to your collection!

Each of them measures 2 inches and are crafted with top-notch materials and stuffing that makes them even cuter and more enjoyable!

Pig Squad

Squishmallow enthusiasts can add these ultra-soft, pig-designed plush toys, made with high-quality materials, to their collections. The Pig Squad is also a popular option among Squishmallow fans, available in various designs. Some have pale purple patches, curly ears, and round black eyes.

What Are The Squishmallow Sizes?

Squishmallows come in various sizes, making them suitable for your bag, bedside table, or store shelves. Available sizes range from 3.5 inches to 24 inches, including 5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches.

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How Much Do they Cost?

Squishmallows generally cost between $5 – $50, depending on the size.

What Makes Squishmallows Rare?

Rare Squishmallows come with a unique tag. On the tag, there will be either gold, silver, hologram, black or purple. Find out exactly what a rare squishmallow tag looks like here.


What is so special about Squishmallows?

The Kellytoy brand has created endearing Squishmallows with dynamic personalities, making them stand out. Additionally, they provide comfort and help alleviate stress and anxiety, especially in these trying times.

What do they fill Squishmallows with?

Each Squishmallow is filled with polyester fiber, resulting in a unique feeling that they have. The company utilizes ultra-soft spandex and polyester in its manufacturing process, giving the toys a “marshmallow-like” feel.

How many different Squishmallows are there?

There are thousands of different Squishmallow toys available. With a representation of various animals, sports, and emotions, Squishmallows are relatable and portable, making them perfect for bringing to the beach or anywhere else! They are highly sought after by collectors and those seeking a comforting squeeze toy.

What are the squads in Squishmallows? 

Squishmallows tend to be released together in themed groups, known as “Squads.” You can learn more about all the different squishmallow squads on this page.

Who was in the original Squishmallow squad? 

The Original Squishmallow Squad is comprised of Cameron the Cat, Wendy the Frog, Piper and Puff the Penguins, Hans the Hedgehog, Hoot and Holly the Owls, and Fifi the Fox.

What are the new Squishmallow squads?

The newest members of the Squishmallow Squad consist of Adin, the Arcade Game, Galia the Handheld Game, Casja the Cassette Player, Tadita the Cell Phone, Rada the Claw Machine, and Maline the Gumball Machine.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Squishmallows are a line of soft and cuddly stuffed toys created by Kellytoy. With over 1,000 different designs, these plush toys have become highly collectible and sought after by fans worldwide. They are made with high-quality materials, including ultra-soft spandex and polyester, which give them a unique marshmallow-like texture. This has made Squishmallows a popular choice for people looking for a comforting toy to help them cope with stress and anxiety. Additionally, Squishmallows come in various sizes, making them perfect for displaying in a collection or carrying with you on the go. With so many different designs and characters to choose from, Squishmallows offer something for everyone and will surely bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. Whether you’re a collector, a fan, or simply looking for a fun and fluffy toy to cuddle with, Squishmallows are worth checking out!


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