Squishmallow Sizes

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Squishmallows started with only four sizes: 3.5 inches, 8 inches, 13 inches, and 16 inches.  You can find them in sizes ranging from tiny clip-ons 3.5 inches, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13 to huge ones 24 inches. But now, you have more options!

All About Squishmallow Sizes 

Collecting Squishmallows requires knowledge of their various sizes. These super-soft, huggable, and marshmallow-like plush toys come in different sizes. The smallest is the clip-on size at only 3.5 inches, designed to be attached to keys or bags.

The largest Squishmallow size is 24 inches, big enough to be used as a pillow. Availability of these sizes varies among sellers, with some offering exclusive sizes and others not.

The price of Squishmallows also depends on their size, with smaller sizes generally being less expensive than larger ones. You can also wash your squishmallows to keep them in tip top condition. Take a look at our squishmellow size chart below.

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4 Common Squishmallow Sizes 

Clip-On 3.5 inches

image of squishmallow size chart

The smallest size of Squishmallows is 3.5 inches, known as the keychain size. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, as you can clip it onto your keys, purse, or bag.

These clip-on Squishmallows are also convenient to store. Try hanging them on a thick thread above your bed’s headboard for a cute line of squishiness.

Small 5 – 10 inches

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Choose small-sized Squishmallows for easy carrying and noticeable cuteness, ranging from five to ten inches. These Squishmallows fit perfectly in the palm of your hand for quick squishing anytime

Medium 11 – 13 inches

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Get medium-sized Squishmallows for the perfect balance of hugging comfort and portability. Ranging from 11 to 13 inches, these Squishmallows are a few inches larger than the small ones and offer an excellent option for cuddling and hugging. Children can quickly embrace these Squishmallows, as they’re not too big or too small and light enough to carry. If you’re looking to gift Squishmallows to your children or godchildren, the medium size is a perfect choice.

Large 16 – 24 inches

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Get a whopping 16 to 24-inch Squishmallow for the ultimate cuddling and pillow-replacing experience. Large Squishmallows make great cuddle buddies and can also provide pressure relief for your lower back when used as a pillow. Their firmness level affects both pressure relief and support, making large Squishmallows a practical choice. But beware of fake Squishmallows.

image of squishmallow size chart

Squishmallow Pricing Chart

  Size                                                            Average Price

3.5 Inches (Keychain Size).                  $5 – $7

5 Inches.                                                    $5 – $10

7 Inches                                                     $5 – $10

8 Inches                                                    $5 – $10

11 Inches.                                                   $12 – $18

12 Inches                                                   $12 – $18

13 Inches                                                   $12 – $18

16 Inches                                                  $20 – $32

Note: The listed prices may vary from other sellers and depend on the Squishmallow’s rarity.


How big is a 12in Squishmallow?

A 12in Squishmallow is approximately 12 inches tall. They are super soft and great to cuddle and fall asleep against.

How do you tell Squishmallow size from tag?

You can tell the Squishmallow size from the number on the tag next to the S. S16 would be a 16 inch Squishmallow. S8 would be an 8 inch Squishmallow. S24 would be a 24 inch Squishmallow.

What does the number on a Squishmallow mean?

The number on the Squishmallow is the “Collector Number,” and it appears after a Squishmallow’s size information (e.g. S5 #1246-6 / Squishdate: 05.28. 2023) and shows the order in which the character was made in relation to other Squishmallows.

How big is a medium Squishmallow?

A medium Squishmallow is 11 – 13 inches tall. They also come in small and large sizes.

Do all Squishmallow squads come in all sizes?

Not all Squishmallow sets are available in every size. Exclusive sets often come in limited sizes, with some offered in as many as seven sizes, while others only in one. 

Is there a giant Squishmallow?

Sadly there are no giant Squishmallows. The largest officially available size is 24 inches. Currently, there are no Squishmallows bigger than 24 inches.

Can I wash my squishmallow?

Yes, you can wash your squishmallow, find out exactly how right here.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Squishmallows come in various sizes, from the cutest squishmallow, a tiny 3.5 inch clip-ons to massive 24 inch plush toys. The prices vary depending on the size, with the larger Squishmallows being more expensive. The size information can be found on the tag, along with the collector number. Not all Squishmallow sets are available in every size, with some exclusive squads offered in limited sizes. The largest officially available size is 24 inches. It’s essential to be aware of fake Squishmallows and buy from trusted sellers. There are so many different types of cute squishmallows, a christmas squishmallow, a disney squishmallow and even star wars squishmallows. They also make great gifts for your best friend. Dont miss out on the squishmallow craze, whether you want a small squishy friend to carry with you or a giant cuddle buddy, Squishmallows have got you covered.



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