Your Guide to washing machine sizes?

Over the years, washing machines have proven to be an important appliance in the home. Its ease of usage and how it fits in the home are the reasons why many people buy it. However, buying a washing machine is not always as easy as you think since there are a lot of things you have to conform with.

For instance, if you want to make sure your washing machine will fit, you can pay attention to the dimensions. Although most washing machines have standard width and height. The depth may differ, depending on the type of model. However, you can find the exact washing machine size and dimensions on the product page of each machine.

Size is important as someone who lives in a place with limited space will want to go for smaller washing machines. Another person living in a large house won’t mind getting a bigger washing machine.

What is Standard Washing Machine Size?

There is no standard washing machine size. Rather, most of the washing machine sizes you find are rough estimate that fits into the average washing space.  A standard washing machine in the UK can have the following dimensions –  50-60 cm deep, 84-85 cm high, and 59.5-60 cm wide.

As you can see, there is a small amount of variation between these sizes as some manufacturers can go outside these measurements by a few centimetres.

How is Washing Machine Capacity Measured?

If you want to measure the capacity of your washing machine by the dimensions of the machine, you’re up for a disappointment. The capacity of washing machines is measured in weight rather than the volume that is in kilogrammes. This means two machines might have the same dimension and size, but different capacities. A 10 kg washing machine might have a smaller size than a 7 kg washing machine.

However, it is worthy to note that an 8 kg washing machine can hold 8 kg worth of dry washing. Thus, it is more reasonable to think that a 10 kg washing machine would have a bigger size when compared to a 7 kg washing machine since it can hold more clothes. Whereas, this is not always true.

Washing machines with load capacities ranging from 7-10 kg almost have approximately the same size as each other. A bigger-sized washing machine might be smaller or have the same capacity as a smaller-sized washing machine.

Types of Washing Machine by Capacity

Washing machines can be categorised based on their capacities. The most popular ones are the compact, high-efficiency top-load, and the front-load washers.

The compact washing machines are smaller than the standard washing machines. Some might be similar to the standard washing machines in height but have smaller width or depth. There are compact washing machines with a capacity of 3 kg.

Top-load washers, on the other hand, have diverse sizes. They measure 69-111 cm wide, 66-71 cm high, and 71-104 cm deep. For the front load washers, they are mostly 68 cm wide, 99 cm high, and 81 deep.


You should pay attention to the size of a washing machine before you make a purchasing decision. You should also avoid putting the machine in a tight space, make sure it’s free enough, and allow the washing machine a venting space.


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