Where to Buy Soap Flakes in the UK

Soap flakes, in essence, are pure soap. They may be used for every purpose that soap can be used for: Cleaning yourself, your clothing, and your house in general.

Pure Soap Flakes are food-grade saponified flakes of pure Castile soap concentration made from a proprietary combination of organic coconut and Smude Sunflower Seed oils. They are devoid of harmful bleaches, chemicals, colours, enzymes, GMOs, scents, phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic surfactants. People with delicate skin and sensitivities, pets, natural textiles, and woodlands will appreciate the gentleness of Pure Soap Flakes. It’s perfect for bathing, cleaning, and doing the laundry!

Soap flakes used to be a mainstay in every cleaning cabinet in the country. However, they’re becoming increasingly difficult to come by these days. Soap flakes were formerly widely available in supermarkets. Still, with the emergence of commercially produced natural cleansers, their popularity has dwindled. You’re in luck if you’re looking for this wonderful natural cleanser. Some of the greatest soap flakes on the market are listed below and can be purchased easily online.

Original Pure Soap Flakes

The original soap flakes from Playlearn are as natural as it gets. These flakes have no additional ingredients. There are no perfumes, bleaches, chemicals, or other toxic substances in this product. As a result, they’re ideal for a natural clean of just about everything. These soap flakes clean the entire house and everyone who lives in it, from leather sofas to dogs.

Because Playlearn soap flakes are 100% natural, they are the ideal addition to your cleaning cupboard if you want to make natural cleaning solutions for around the house. Suppose you mix these soap flakes with bicarb and lemon juice, for example. In that case, you’ll have a kitchen cleaner that eliminates the majority of filth and grime while leaving no harmful chemicals on your counters.

Dri-Pak Liquid Soap Flakes

Dri-Pak soap flakes can be used for a range of cleaning tasks, but they aren’t recommended for use in the laundry. This soap flake liquid is ideal for any worn-out jacket or coat. If you have sensitive skin, you may also use it in your daily wash.

This soap flake liquid is composed entirely of vegetable oil and has no additives. It’s ideal for anybody looking for a completely natural cleaning solution for their garments. It’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians because it hasn’t been tested on animals.

Wilko Original Liquid Soapflakes

There are no scents or additives in this liquid soap flake solution. It’s as clean as soap flakes these days. This soap flake liquid also includes no animal components. It has not been tested on animals, making it ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

Liquid soap flakes from Wilko’s are an excellent alternative if you have sensitive skin or require a cleaning solution for delicate clothing. The soap flakes are made of sunflower and coconut oil and can easily clean lace, silk, wool, silk, and leather.

Waitrose DP Liquid Soap Flakes

These soap flakes from Waitrose are a natural way to freshen up your lifestyle and are ideal for a range of cleaning needs. It offers a simple option to eliminate domestic clutter, whether you’re doing laundry or cleaning your house.

The combination is made entirely of vegetable oil, with no perfumes or preservatives added. And if you suffer from allergies, you’ll be relieved to learn that it is allergen-free for the great majority of consumers. Not only that but it was created without the use of animals and is vegan-friendly.

However, use a small amount in the washing machine; otherwise, it might cause a frothy buildup.

Soap Flakes from Maître Savon De Marseille

Maître Savon products are made by Marseille’s few remaining soap companies and are steeped in history.Because it is devoid of dyes, colourants, and preservatives, it is ideal for small infants who need to do their baby laundry. The flakes, created from natural plant oils, may wash delicate silk and wool clothes in both the machine and hand.

A novel blend of sodium compounds, glycerin, and water make up the constituents. It is significantly more expensive to use than some alternatives while being an ecologically beneficial solution.

Marseille Soap Flakes

These Marseille soap flakes are made entirely of natural ingredients and include no additives. The firm is currently in its fourth generation of manufacturing, using traditional age-old processes.Because of their clean, safe contents, the flakes are great for washing delicates like silk and wool, as well as infant items.While this is a unique brand with a fascinating history, the price reflects this.

Guardian Soap Flakes 

Awarded the Danish Technological Institute’s “Indoor Climate Label,” Guardian Soap Flakes are made with a delicate coconut and palm kernel oil mixture. It is suitable for hardwood and leather surfaces because it includes no fragrances, colours, optical brighteners, or bleach.


We hope that our study into pure soap flakes has given you a better understanding of their usage and where to find them. By adding the correct amount of purified water, Pure Soap Flakes are ideal for generating semi-soft, cream, and liquid soaps. Soaps designed to be liquid from the start employ potassium hydroxide for saponification, which leaves a residue that can irritate sensitive skin and accumulate over time in natural fibres like wool and wood, causing fraying and drying. Pure Soap Flakes are also ideal for use in soap foamers.


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