How Much Does It Cost To Run a Tumble Dryer in the UK

Tumble dryers can be a major expense in a household, however, if you’re looking to buy a new one, you’ll need to know what the costs are.

    It’s hard to put an exact figure on how much it will cost for a tumble dryer per year because there are so many different factors at play. For example, which brand your tumble dryer is will make a big difference as to how much it costs per year. But there are ways you can calculate an estimate of how much it could cost for a tumble dryer per year, based on where you live and what the electricity prices are set at.

Factors that affect how much it will cost to run your dryer each year are:

To estimate the cost of running your dryer each year you need to consider factors like:

  • Energy efficiency rating of your dryer

A tumble dryer’s energy efficiency rating is a measure of how much energy the appliance uses. So the higher the rating, the less it will cost to run your dryer each year. A new tumble dryer with an A+++ rating is typically five times more efficient than a standard one.

  • Running time of the dryer cycle

A common factor that will affect your dryer running costs is the running time of the cycle. For example, if you’re using a 30-minute cycle it’ll cost less than if you use a 60-minute cycle. This is because the longer you leave your clothes in the dryer, the more electricity it will use thus increasing your cost.

  • How many cycles you do a week

The more cycles you do a week the more electricity you will use.

  • Brand and model of dryer

There are many different brands and models of tumble dryers, and you should take this into account when considering the cost. A general rule of thumb is the more expensive your tumble dryer, the more efficient it will be. You should also consider how long

  • Cost of electricity in your area

The cost of electricity in your area will also affect how much it costs to run your dryer each year. Prices vary from different counties and which provider you are using. The UK, for example, has a tiered electricity pricing system. This means that the more power you use the more you’ll have to pay.

How to Calculate the Cost of a tumble dryer £0.17/kWh

The first step to calculating your tumble dryers running costs is to work out how many kWh you use in a year. The next step is to work out how many kWh per hour your dryer uses and at what power setting. Now you have the number of kWh used if you switch the machine on for an hour at setting x, so multiply this number by the cost of a kWh in your area – maybe £0.17 for a typical energy company. We can now calculate how much it would cost for your tumble dryer per year.

4.5 kWh per cycle X £0.17 = £0.765 cost per cycle

If you do 3 cycles per week for a year

52 X 3 = 156 total cycles per year

156 X £0.765 = £119.34 total cost per year


Running costs for a tumble dryer can vary greatly depending on which appliance you purchase, the brand and model of your appliance, where you live in terms of electricity prices. The best way to calculate how much it will cost per year is by estimating the number of kWh used over the course of one year and multiply it by the cost of electricity in your area, which you can find on your bill.


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