Can I Put Fabuloso in my Toilet Tank?

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You’ve probably heard about the buzz surrounding Fabuloso, a cleaning product that is said to have extraordinary benefits for toilet cleaning. Many social media users have shared their experiences with the Fabuloso TikTok toilet hack, which supposedly results in a cleaner toilet. However, this trend raises an important question:


What is the Fabuloso bottle in the toilet tank TikTok hack?

Cleaning the bathroom is sometimes regarded as a difficult undertaking, and it’s probably the least hygienic room in your house. It may not always fit into your schedule to keep your bathroom, particularly your toilet, clean and odor-free.

Thankfully, some inventive users on TikTok have developed a quick and effective technique to reduce the number of times you need to freshen the air in your bathroom. Every time you flush, your bathroom will smell lovely, thanks to the clever design of the toilet tank.

image of fabuloso in the toilet tank

You’ll need a bottle of scented cleaner, like Fabuloso, to accomplish this, as seen in the video. Then, invert the bottle and make two tiny slits on the bottom front.

After that, remove the toilet tank lid and set the bottle upright in a corner. That’s it—replace the tank lid. The way it works is that the Fabuloso cleaner will gradually mix into the tank’s water, and every time you flush, the water will emit a pleasant smell. This can help mask any unpleasant odors that may have been left behind after using the restroom.


Is it safe to use Fabuloso in the toilet tank?

Yes, it is safe to use fabuloso in the toilet tank to have a nice fresh, smelling bathroom. Remember that fabuloso is just for the smell, not to clean the toilet. You will still need to clean your toilet with a brush and disinfectant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put fabuloso in the toilet tank?

Yes, it is safe to use fabuloso in the toilet tank to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.


How long does fabuloso last in the toilet tank?

Fabuloso will last a couple of weeks in the toilet tank. It can vary depending on factors such as the size of the bottle used, and the frequency of toilet usage. You can always replace the bottle of Fabuloso once its scent begins to fade.

image of fabuloso toilet tank


Please check your bottles because there was a recall of Fabuloso in February 2023.


Final Thoughts

Using Fabuloso to freshen up your toilet tank is an inventive and practical way to maintain a lovely scent in your bathroom. It’s a quick hack that just requires a few minutes to do. When applied correctly, Fabuloso is a multipurpose cleanser that can be used for a range of household cleaning activities and can leave your home smelling clean and fresh.



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