Amazing Ways to use Borax – Natural Cleaner

image of borax uses

Borax has so many amazing uses, I bet there are a few here that you have never thought of. Take a read of our list to make sure you are getting the most out of this natural cleaner around your house.

Cleaning Laundry

Boosting laundry detergent

Removing stains

Unclogging drains

Scrubbing bathroom surfaces

Cleaning ovens and stovetops

Killing roaches and ants

Softening hard water

Whitening teeth

Cleaning jewelry

Freshening carpets

Cleaning grout and tiles

Deodorizing trash cans

Polishing silver

Removing rust

Softening skin

Cleansing produce

Degreasing pots and pans

Controlling moss and algae

Brightening clothes

Eliminating odors

Preserving flowers

Detangling hair

Making slime

Fireproofing fabric

Cleaning upholstery

Making laundry detergent

Enhancing plant growth

Sanitizing cutting boards

Cleaning car interiors


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