How To Remove Curry Stains

So, you’ve just had some really nice curry dish? Awesome! But did it stain your clothes? Don’t worry. We’re here with the answer on how to get rid of stains from butter chicken and other sauces that contain turmeric (haldi).

I’m going show our readers how you can remove the stains and get your shirt back to its normal colour.

How to get curry stains out of clothes

Step 1

Remove any excess curry with a spoon or napkin. Then wash it immediately. Most stains set in after too long and that will just make matters worse because the stain becomes even harder to remove.  

Step 2

The next thing to do is wet the stain with cold water and put a little dish washing liquid ie. Fairy liquid, on it and rub together, then rinse with cold water. Repeat this process until the stain is removed. You can also leave the dish washing liquid on the shirt to soak for 30 mins, if it is a really stubborn stain.

Step 3

Put it into the washing machine and use the pre-soak setting, if available on your machine. Also use the hottest setting available for the fabric.

Step 4

Remove from the washing machine and check that the stain is gone. If you can still see the stain repeat from Step 2.

Why is it hard to remove curry stains?

Curry is a rich blend of flavours and colours, but it’s not all golden deliciousness. When you spill curry on your clothes an unfortunate side effect may be left behind: yellowed shirts! The main offender behind these stains are turmeric that contain curcumin – this chemical isn’t soluble in water. This is why it is so difficult to remove and needs special washing.

How to remove turmeric stains from coloured and delicate clothes

The sooner you can was the garment the more chance you have of removing the turmeric stain. This will reduce the risk of needing to use bleach on delicate clothes.

Other Home remedies for turmeric stains

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has also been effective in removing stubborn curry stains. Wet the stain with cold water and then squeeze some lemon juice on the area and leave for 1 hour, then rinse under cold water and repeat if necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide

To remove stubborn curry stains from white clothes, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Before trying this yourself though it’s always best to check that your garment will bleach safely by looking at the care label on them first! You should conduct an experiment with just one spot before going full force in order to make sure there are no adverse reactions – but don’t worry; they’re usually pretty safe if done correctly.


Glycerine can be a surprisingly helpful cleaning aid and mixing glycerine into your stain remover is easy as pie.

A great way to use the natural product, which also happens to work really well at getting rid of tough stains on clothes! Just mix 1 part water with 1 glycerine and let it soak on the shirt for 30 mins and then rinse.


Toothpaste can also be effective at removing stains. Wet the stain first and then dab some toothpaste onto the stain. Leave it to soak 1 hour and then rinse. If you can still see the stain repeat again.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be a great option for removing stains that are particularly stubborn. Simply sponge the area until you no longer see any more curry, then blot it dry with clean wet napkins or paper towels to rinse off all of your rubbing-alcohol residue from the clothes.

One of the worst things that can happen to your favourite shirt is a curry stain. Curry stains are almost impossible to remove if left too long because the stain has set in.

For best results try scraping off any excess curry and wash immediately. If you wait too long it is almost impossible to remove the stain the stain from your favourite shirt.


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