How Much Do Cleaners Charge? UK 2023

You might have considered hiring a professional cleaner if you don’t have the time, finances, or energy to clean your house correctly.

Even though you can do your cleaning, it is occasionally beneficial to hire a professional. Professional cleaners will know how to clean places that you may overlook or do not know how to clean.

The average price of a house cleaner in the UK

The cost of a cleaner is determined by who you employ and where you reside. The cost of hiring a cleaning in the UK may range from as low as £10 per hour to as much as £23 per hour.

For example, in Sheffield, you may expect to spend roughly £12 an hour, whereas, in Edinburgh, you might expect to pay up to £23 an hour. Cities on the south coast are often more costly, whereas cities in the north are less so. Compared to other cities in the UK, cleaners in London might charge as much as £5 to £10 extra per hour.

However, if you want to save money, you may hire an independent cleaning. If you have friends who have hired cleaners, ask them who they used; word of mouth may be quite helpful.The price will vary greatly based on the state of your home, your location, and the chores you want the cleaner to complete.

How much should I pay for a house cleaner?

For a four-hour clean, a weekly cleaner charges between £48 and £92, depending on where you reside and the size of the cleaning work. You’ll discover that cleaners, whether large or small, are ready to give you discounts in exchange for your weekly, fortnightly, or monthly business. The extent of these reductions varies per company. Still, they are often bigger the more often you have your apartment or home cleaned.

In general, companies are willing to give you between 50p and £1.50 per hour off your clean if you sign up for regular visits.

Benefits of hiring a cleaning service

Hiring a house cleaning, whether for a one-time clean or every month, is a terrific way to maintain your home in tip-top shape while leaving you more time to focus on what matters to you.

A house cleaner will be equipped with the equipment and skills necessary to remove stubborn stains and disinfect your property. Suppose you want specialized services such as an oven or end-of-tenancy cleaning. In that case, Bark can assist you in locating a professional.

How much does a house cleaner cost in the UK?

Although there is no set price for home cleaning, we’ve put up a breakdown of the typical cost based on the costs of local UK specialists to give you an idea:

Average cost (per hour)


Minimum cost (per hour)


Maximum cost (per hour)


What affects the price of hiring a cleaner?

Domestic cleaning services vary in price depending on a variety of criteria. These are some of them:

  • Cleaning service type
  • Rooms’ number and size
  • Deep cleaning vs. routine cleaning: how clean is your home?
  • Location

Type of cleaning service

Depending on your home’s needs, there are a variety of cleaning services accessible. Some cleaning services need more time, effort, and specialized equipment than others, resulting in higher hourly rates. See our helpful breakdown below to get a better understanding of how much different types of cleaning services cost on average:

Type of Cleaning

Average price (per hour)

Window cleaning


After building work cleaning


Floor cleaning


General cleaning


Fridge cleaning


Upholstery cleaning


Some cleaning firms charge a flat rate rather than by the hour:

Type of cleaning

Average  price

Carpet cleaning(per room)


Oven cleaning(per appliance)


Number and Size of Rooms

It should come as no surprise that the bigger the number of rooms in your home, the higher the cost of a house cleaner. Cleaning takes a little longer in certain rooms than it does in others. Bathrooms are infamous for being difficult to clean due to how rapidly they become filthy, therefore the more bathrooms you have, the more you will pay.

The cost per hour or fixed pricing will be greater if you have larger rooms. To give you an idea, here’s how much a professional carpet cleaning typically costs, based on room size:

Room size 

Average cost (in total)







Condition of Your House

A housecleaning will charge extra if you’ve ignored your home for an extended period since they’ll require more time to get it back in shape. If you feel like your house might need a little more TLC, you may pay someone to do a deep clean, which should be done every 3-6 months. Thorough clean costs are more than a routine clean, which is typically done every 1-2 weeks.

Type of cleaning

Average price (per hour)

Regular cleaning


Deep cleaning



Another thing to think about is your location. Expect to spend more if you reside in a larger city, such as London, as with most services. Here is the average cost of a house cleaning in London compared to other regions of the UK to give you a better idea.


Average price (per hour)



Rest of the UK



Cleaning your home will eliminate the need for a cleaner and save you money on the expense of hiring one. Regular cleaning eliminates the need for a deep clean by ensuring a high degree of cleanliness.


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