What Is The Cost To Dry Cleaning Curtains

Curtains, like other fabrics in the home, need to be cleaned regularly. However, if your curtains are lengthy and heavy, this may be more difficult to achieve. Keeping your curtains clean is one method to ensure that your home looks extra fresh, keeps germs out, and allows enough light to enter.

Dry cleaning your curtains is an excellent method to save time and effort. Not only that, but many curtain kinds are only dry cleanable. This comprises velvet, velour, silk, wool, brocade, tapestry, and chenille curtains, as well as interlined curtains.

However, keeping curtains clean may be a strenuous effort! And many individuals are concerned about how much it will cost them to keep their curtains in good shape. So, how much does it cost to dry clean curtains? We’ll show you how often your curtains should be dry cleaned and how much you can anticipate paying in this guide.

How much does it cost to dry clean curtains?

The quality and pricing of dry cleaners vary greatly, especially when it comes to curtains. The following are just a few of the elements that might affect the cost of dry cleaning your curtains:

·       Are they lined

·       What kind of material they’re made out of

·       How heavy they are

·       How long have they been there?

·       The dry cleaning service’s quality

Some dry cleaners charge you depending on the weight of your curtains, while others charge you based on the square meterage. However, almost all dry cleaners will consider whether or not your curtains are lined.

The cost of dry washing curtains on average

Dry cleaners almost usually ask if your curtains are lined or not, and the rate you pay reflects this. Prices may also vary depending on how many curtains you need cleaning. If you require a large number of curtains, you may be able to negotiate a lower price.

According to Checkatrade, below are some samples of curtain dry cleaning pricing in the UK:

  • Cleaning a typical unlined curtain costs on average £4.85 per square meter.
  • Professional cleaning of a standard lined curtain will cost on average £5.60 per square meter.
  • Professional cleaning of a conventional lined curtain will cost on average £12 per kilogram.
  • Professional cleaning of an interlined curtain will cost on average £14.50 per kilogram.



Cost (lower range)

Cost (higher range)

Average cost


Per m2





Per m2




Heavy lined

Per m2




Net curtains                                         

Per m2




Standard lined                                     

Per kg





Per kg




Blackout lined             

Per kg




Shower curtain            

Per kg





Some dry cleaners charge for curtain cleaning by the pound, while others charge by the inches. If your curtains are lined, the cost of dry cleaning them rises. Although dry cleaning saves time and work, it is not required for all curtains. The majority of curtains only require dry cleaning every two to three years.


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